energy & cooling systems.

There is an increasing demand to equip military vehicles and installations with high-power systems such as lasers, requiring a high-capacity energy supply. This inevitably involves the generation of heat, requiring reliable cooling to safeguard their continued operation. We combine our knowledge of energy systems and cooling technology to develop integral solutions.


safe solutions for effective equipment.

Electrification is the name of the game in the military world. Personnel, vehicles and installations are increasingly equipped with electric devices and systems for operational tasks and communications. As a result, electric power supply and cooling needs are increasing. This is especially true for advanced systems such as lasers that require a high-capacity energy supply within a small footprint. To develop the required energy and cooling systems, we combine our mechatronic competencies and systems engineering skills with specialized disciplines and extensive production capabilities.

a high-power energy & cooling testbed.

we power advanced operations.

We have the required mechanical, thermal and technical power expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the various processes. This is demonstrated by our thermal management track record in high-tech, aerospace and logistics applications. For example, we have specialized in lumped-element modeling to understand and predict the operation of complete energy and cooling solutions. In addition, our in-house experts on computational fluid dynamics and finite-element modeling can make detailed energy-flow simulations. This enables us to develop reliable systems for operations in the military arena.


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