high-tech systems and innovative products.

In our modern society, public safety and security are high on the agenda. People expect the authorities to adequately safeguard our security and public emergency services to intervene quickly and effectively. In their operations, they need to use the most modern technologies, such as sensor, communication and surveillance systems, as well as innovative products. Building on our broad product and system development expertise, we can successfully complete innovation projects together with public authorities and emergency services organizations.

innovation for public service.

Public emergency services like the police, the fire brigade and the emergency medical services are used to operating under great stress. Modern technologies and advanced products can help them further increase their effectiveness, while protecting their own safety and that of the public. In this way, they can live up to the high expectations of that same public. Thanks to our solid experience with multidisciplinary developments and complex innovation processes, also in the public arena, we are a trusted private partner in this respect. We also design innovative security products for commercial applications.

we support public authorities and emergency services.

Our engagement with the security domain aligns well with our mission of ‘creating shared value’. In collaboration with public and private parties, we define technological answers to social problems. With the security discipline increasingly taking on a high-tech character, we are the partner of choice here. Drawing on our extensive track record in high-tech systems engineering, we can design appropriate solutions to security challenges, in the form of advanced systems and innovative products.