unmanned systems & artificial intelligence.

Unmanned system technologies can help defense organizations increase the effectiveness and safety of operations and people. Examples include smart robots, drones, unmanned vessels, self-driving vehicles and mobile sensor systems. Such unmanned systems, used for exploration, logistics or defense duties, must process knowledge of their surroundings intelligently to be able to function autonomously. We develop innovations and produce functional systems for this purpose.


proven building blocks for intelligent autonomy.

The future vehicles used by defense organizations will increasingly consist of modular platforms with a high level of autonomy. We understand the challenges of autonomous operations under challenging conditions and develop solutions for this purpose based on several proven building blocks. These include localization, external awareness, navigation, sensor fusion, data processing and analysis, and intelligent, self-learning systems. Our solutions can then be integrated into larger systems or subsystems, or complete platforms.

intelligent robots for mission support.

we provide customized unmanned system solutions.

We develop the key components of unmanned systems fully in house, offering best-in-class integration between various hardware and software products, and with the customer’s IT network. Our unmanned system platforms can be deployed for various mission purposes and applications. The systems can be customized and scaled to specific application needs and different payload/sensor equipment integration requirements.


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