support for safe missions.

In a world driven by technological progress and ongoing geopolitical strife, defense has become a high-tech challenge. Military personnel, for example, use the most modern technologies, such as sensor and communication systems, in their tactical missions. Autonomous technologies can help increase effectiveness and safety in this respect, while adequate decision-support can enhance the power to achieve results, even under demanding conditions. Facilitating this requires effective innovation of mission-support technologies. We can successfully complete large-scale development projects together with defense organizations.

  • unmanned systems & artificial intelligence

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  • laser satellite communication

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  • 3D animation of complex environments

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one-stop-shop trusted partner.

Technology is becoming increasingly important and complex for defense organizations and needs to be increasingly autonomous. The challenge is to quickly develop specific innovations and introduce reliable and safe products. Thanks to our broad experience with multidisciplinary developments and complex innovation processes, we are the perfect counterpart in this respect. Moreover, as part of the Dutch Demcon group, we are a trusted partner, combining broad mechatronic competencies and systems engineering skills with specialized disciplines and high-end production facilities. Our added value lies in the one-stop-shop capabilities we offer to defense organizations required to take up the high-tech challenge.