trusted partner for safety and security.

We develop innovative technological solutions for protecting the safety and security of people and society in general. As a trusted partner, we collaborate in development projects with defense organizations, public authorities and emergency services organizations. We combine a structured, results-oriented project approach with a pragmatic, agile way of working to guide our customers from innovative concept to qualified product.

sharing value in the defense & security domain.

After successfully completing various defense and security projects, in 2021 the Demcon group established Demcon defense & security as a separate company to intensify its efforts for creating shared value in this domain. We have established a track record in collaborating with Dutch defense and public emergency organizations and have also engaged with other national and international customers. Building on our extensive engineering skills, high-end production facilities and professional project management, we can participate in large-scale innovation programs in policy-driven and government-funded environments.


comprehensive offer.

As a system supplier, we can fully meet the needs of our customers, from proof-of-principle, prototype and pre-production to series production, building on systems engineering as our key competency. We offer comprehensive services but can also cover well-defined phases of the product creation process, following a phased stage-gate approach for example. The services we provide, as part of the Demcon group, range from contract R&D, feasibility studies and product development to prototyping, production and service & technical support.


multidisciplinary approach.

We address defense and security challenges by combining our multidisciplinary knowledge and experience with our unlimited creativity and our solid project management. To support new product introductions, we employ a wide range of expertises. These range from system architecture & design and mechatronics to quality & regulatory compliance and manufacturing. Our strength lies in their tailor-made integration into our versatile approach of each development project.

A Demcon group company

developing solutions and making impact.

The Demcon group was created as the result of the passion of the founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality innovative and complex systems and products and can also manage the production. As such, we create value for our clients. In a society facing huge challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world around them. We work on smart applications for healthcare, safety & security, water, energy, production, and communication. Besides technological innovation, we also focus on promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.