mobile power systems.

Defense is acquiring more and more electric operations and communication systems. This makes supplying power for missions in the field a challenge. We use our multidisciplinary expertise to develop mobile solutions. Furthermore, we have the industrialization knowledge required to produce reliable power systems.


effective power supply for missions.

Military personnel and their vehicles are increasingly equipped with electric devices and systems for operational tasks and communications. As a result, electric power supply and cooling requirements are increasing. There is a need for solutions that prevent overload and that make the transportation of large numbers of spare batteries superfluous. This includes new-generation energy converters that operate on locally available fuel, such as diesel or kerosene. We develop mobile power systems of various capacities. In addition to compact systems for personal equipment, we also develop larger vehicle systems suitable for a variety of missions.

E-Lighter, a bottle full of electricity.

we contribute to a secure power supply.

The development of portable and other power systems for defense applications involves a wide range of disciplines. We have the required precision mechanical, thermal and technical power expertise. We develop custom-made electronics for various power and voltage needs in the field and have the production capacity required to deliver reliable power systems in large numbers.


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