health monitoring systems.

No matter how much high-tech is wielded, the success of defense operations largely depends on the military personnel in the field. It is therefore crucial that they are healthy and stay fit. This requires checking their physical condition, during training and during operations. We develop and supply solutions for remote or self-monitoring of blood pressure, integrated heartrate, respirational functioning, stress and physical effort, for example.


fit for operation.

Modern technology facilitates the all-day monitoring – either by care professionals or by people themselves – of health and general physical condition. This is in line with the current focus on prevention and the need for personal responsibility for one’s health. For this, we develop wearable and minimally invasive solutions, using our in-depth knowledge of intelligent data analysis and high-end technology. Health monitoring systems are particularly suited for defense organizations. Military personnel can be equipped with such devices at their base, during training, in the field or while traveling. These devices can help prevent injuries during training and check their condition during operations or, in the case of a casualties, transport to the hospital.

improving physical condition and tactical skills.

we help to keep military personnel healthy.

The development of wearable health monitoring systems draws on our extensive experience with cutting-edge technologies. These cover miniaturization, sensor fusion, wireless communication and ultra-low-power technology including smart battery management and energy harvesting. We combine this with our broad expertise in medical device development and early clinical validation. In addition, our focus on manufacturability and industrialization facilitates the upscaling of cost-effective production.


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