3D animation of complex environments.

Being prepared is half the victory. Obviously, this also applies to defense operations. The challenge here is that it is difficult to prepare for the associated exceptional circumstances. Realistic simulations can help in that respect. We use advanced 3D animation techniques to create realistic, high-information-density environments to plan defense operations and train military personnel or decision-support algorithms.


better field support.

Gaming has changed the world of 3D animation by using ever-expanding computer capacity to create complex lifelike worlds. We have built on the sheer unimaginable possibilities to specialize in illustration and 3D animation to communicate complex concepts in an expressive and visually superior way. Thus, we have mastered the art of storytelling through clear and impactful visuals for complex processes and situations. We use these competencies to build realistic planning and training environments for defense applications.

we provide a tactical and operational advance.

Our aim is to support defense organizations in their mission planning. We help officers and soldiers to visualize the decision challenges they may encounter in the command center or in the field. To that end, we bring tactical scenarios and operational training situations to life, drawing on our broad expertise in visualization for science and technology.


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